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We would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of meteorites and the science of meteoritics. In our Basics and FAQ sections we offer beginner to medium content. If you are already into meteorites and meteoritics you should visit our Classification section that provides a great survey of each and every class of meteorites, including subgroups and grouplets. The About Us section informs you about our team and our most spectacular finds; you can even download scientific articles and abstracts on our meteorites. Our Sale section finally provides a fine selection of specimens for sale and trade. Have a look and enjoy!  
Bruno Fectay & Carine Bidaut


A Peridotite from Mars >>more

Special Feature:

NWAs: Second Class Meteorites?

On the collector's market, prices of most Northwest African meteorites are still dropping while witnessed falls are getting more expensive. Are NWA meteorites less valuable, or is it a subliminal form of chauvinism making some people treat them like second class meteorites? >> more...


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January 2021: 24 years of our company in the World and on Internet ! see the superb Sericho pallasite we will present in Tucson;

September 2017: Warning, it seems that the anti spam system of our web provider is bouncing back emails from our customers since years. Please, if that ever happened to you, contact us so we can unblock your address.

Tucson 2016 :  Miracle !
some of the stolen meteorites recovered. Special thanks to Tucson Police Department !!

10 January 2015 some have promised you the Moon... We have bottled it for you !  >>more


NWA 2737 New Chassignite

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