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Modern meteoriticists use the term "pallasite" to describe a certain structural class of stony-iron meteorites that contains abundant silicate inclusions in a nickel-iron matrix. Usually, the silicates are large olivine crystals, often of gem quality. These peridots make the pallasites some of the most attractive meteorites known, and cut and polished pallasite slices are highly coveted among meteorite collectors. Sometimes pallasites and pallasitic peridots are used in jewelry, making them the only genuine cosmic gemstones on Earth.

Based on their origin and formation history, the pallasites are regarded as samples of core/mantle boundary material from differentiated asteroids, inferring that a close relationship exists to the iron meteorites. Upon etching, larger metal portions of polished slices display typical Widmanstätten figures. In addition to this, pallasites display chemical, elemental, and isotopic trends that link them to specific chemical groups of iron meteorites, linking their origin to a common parent body. Hence, they are classified into three distinct groups or grouplets, similar to the chemical groups of the iron meteorites: (1) the main group pallasites, (2) the Eagle Station grouplet, and (3) the pyroxene grouplet.


Found in 2016 in Kenya

TKW 2.8 tons
Main group pallasite


Unusual half individual with green olivines bared by shock veins !
big shrapnels

Inexpensive half small individuals
Half individual with bicolored shocked olivines
Beautiful baby individual
bigger half individuals
medium half individuals
nice small individuals and rare shrapnels
Ultra rare for Sericho: metal vein with superb etching
more inexpensive half individuals
No comments !
beauties waiting for the right collectors
Sericho metal sponge, sorry stays in our collection ....
already gone !
Slickenside going all along through the center of the slice, with Farringtonite, Chromites and highly shocked olivines !!!
over 10 Kg shrapnel contains a lot of Farringtonite and shocked material ! a perfect specimen for science.
a lot of big Farringtonite inclusions !
beautiful half individual
another A grade small individual
26 Kg shield oriented individual !!


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