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Oriented Chondrites


Oriented meteorites form when a meteorite do not tumble during its atmospheric trip. As it stabilizes it continues its rotation, the ablation results in a shield form with usualy is flat on the reverse. Sometimes the orientation of the meteorite accumulate boiling rock on the back of the stone witch result on the formation of a thick deposit with many bubbles in the melt oriented meteorite, we call that bubbling in our descriptions. oriented meteorites are very rare and only few collections own a real oriented specimens. Here are some very nice oriented chondrites:

Oriented Chondrites are very difficult to photograph, these stones are ALL very oriented so please send us an email to have more pictures and decide if they are for you !!!
Oriented Chondrite -00

big monster ! elongated nose cone and flat back....looks like a montain..



Oriented Chondrite -01

big oriented Zag, have large lipping and heavy bubbling...but broken and glued back



Oriented Chondrite -02

half a nose-cone with secondary fusion crust on the break. That one broke just before landing !!



Oriented Chondrite -03

perfect flying button with flow lines, lip and bubbling...



Oriented Chondrite -04

KILLER flying button !! crazy bubbling on the back !!!



Oriented Chondrite -05

very nice button oriented chondrite (photo is baaad !!), lipping and bubbling. As an old chip.



Oriented Chondrite -06

Good button shaped oriented meteorite. Lipping + Bubbling.



Oriented Chondrite -07

WOW, perfect oriented chondrite , flow lines + lipping + bubbling



Oriented Chondrite -08

perfect oriented chondrite , shield + flow lines + lipping + bubbling



Oriented Chondrite -09

Astonishing perfect oriented flat chondrite, one of the best ever.



Oriented Chondrite -10

perfectly oriented flat chondrite



Oriented Chondrite -11

nice oriented flat chondrite, picture is soooo bad !



Oriented Chondrite -12

very good mashrom like oriented chondrite.



Oriented Chondrite -13

small button with thick bubbling, caliche easy to remove.



Oriented Chondrite -14

small oriented chondrite



Oriented Chondrite -15

very NICE triangular oriented chondrite, good flow lines.





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