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The achondrites of this group are named for a Greek philosopher of the fifth century B.C., Diogenes of Apollonia. He was the first to suggest that meteorites actually have their origin in outer space, a fundamental realization that was subsequently forgotten for the next two thousand years. T

Mineralogically, the diogenites are composed primarily of magnesium-rich orthopyroxene, with only minor amounts of olivine and plagioclase. The pyroxenes are usually coarse-grained, suggesting a cumulate origin for the diogenites in magma chambers within the deeper regions of Vesta's crust.


Fell 27 october 1999 in Burkina Faso



Bilanga 01

slice from the monster...


Price on request

Bilanga 02

superb crusted fragment


Price on request


Bilanga 03

Killer half individual !!!!!!


Price on request

Bilanga 04

crusted fragment




Bilanga 05

crusted fragment, very nice !!



Bilanga 06

crusted fragment (has a crack..)



Bilanga 07

crusted fragment





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