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H Group

This large group counts more than 7.000 members (including lots of probable pairings), and it has been named for the high content of free nickel-iron that is characteristic for the meteorites of this group - the "H" standing for "high iron". H chondrites contain a weight percentage of 25 to 31% total iron whereas only 15 to 19% nickel-iron is found in its free, reduced form. Hence, all H chondrites are attracted to a magnet quite easily.

The H chondrites belong to petrological types 3 - 7, with a characteristic peak at type 5. More than 3,400 members of this group have been classified as H5, about 1,800 are H6, and about 1,400 are H4. There are only about 200 H3s as well as some rare, heavily brecciated members that contain lithic clasts of several petrological types. The primary minerals are olivine and the orthopyroxene bronzite. For this reason the H chondrites have also been called "olivine bronzite chondrites" or "bronzite chondrites", but those names are no longer in use.


Portales Valley

Roosevelt County, New Mexico, USA

Fell 1998 June 13, ~07:30 MDT (~13:30 UT)

Ordinary chondrite (H6 - anomalous)

TKW : 71.4 kg

Portales valley 00

8.41 gr

A very nice slice of this unusual chondrite with patch of crust !


Portales valley 01

2.06 gr

A very pretty thin slice !!!





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