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The aubrites are named for Aubres, a small meteorite that fell near Nyons, France, in 1836. Consisting primarily of the orthopyroxene enstatite, they are also called enstatite achondrites. Aubrites represent evolved rocks of igneous origin and are not to be confused with primitive enstatite-rich achondrites such as Zaklodzie or Itqiy. Due to their typical light-colored fusion crusts, their white interiors, and their fragile compositions, most aubrites in our collections are witnessed falls or finds from the blue-ice fields of Antarctica. Excluding all probable pairings, only 16 distinct members are known. Strangely, very few aubrites has been recovered from the hot deserts. Aubrites are very rare achondrites.


Norton County


fell on February 18, 1948 at 4 PM in Kansas, USA

TKW 1000 Kg

Norton County -00

Large fragment from the Eugene Cornelius collection. Was found and traded by H.O. Stockwell. Comes with the original US post box sended by Stockwell in the early 50's.....


    price on request

Norton County -01

the best ever seen fragment with regmaglypted black & White crust, has a giant enstatite crystal..

43.60gr !!!

Price on request       

Norton County -02

half individual with creamy crust + heavy bubbling !!!!



Norton County -03

Very attractive piece of Aubrite with a number of New Mexico Museum !


Price on request

Norton County -04

impact melt  fragment with fusion crust





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