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The Martian meteorites of this group are named for Nakhla, a fall that occurred in El Nakhla, Egypt, in 1911. The nakhlites are clinopyroxenites, displaying a sugary, fine-grained texture. They consist primarily of green cumulate augite crystals with minor olivine in a very fine-grained mesostasis.This mesostasis is composed of plagioclase, alkali feldspar, pyroxenes, iron-titanium oxides, sulfides and phosphates. Traces of pre-terrestrial aqueous alteration products are present in the form of hydrated minerals, e.g. amphibole, clay minerals similar to iddingsite or smectite, and carbonate and sulfate salts. Some researchers have proposed that the presence of these hydrated minerals in the nakhlites, in addition to concentrations of water-soluble ions such as Cl, K, Na, and Ca, suggests that they resided in an environment in which liquid seawater was present for some time, perhaps inside of an ancient Martian ocean.


NWA 998 Nakhlite

Found 2001 in Morocco

TKW 456gr

NWA998 -00

solid end cut covered by crust, one of the finest specimen for NWA998 !!!


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NWA998 -01

large cut fragment, a huge specimen of Nakhlite !!



NWA998 -02

solid cut specimen with fusion crust



NWA998 -03

solid cut thick slice, chunky specimen !!



NWA998 -04

solid fragment, not crumby !



NWA998 -05

small slice




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