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R Group

This group was formerly known as the Carlisle Lakes group, for a meteorite that was found in Australia in 1977. It is now named for the type specimen Rumuruti that fell in Kenya, Africa, in 1934. Rumuruti is the only witnessed fall of this group and just one small individual has been preserved in the collection of the Humboldt Museum Berlin, Germany, since 1938. It was thought to be an anomalous chondrite until it was reclassified in 1993 and the R group was formed. There are just 25 R chondrites known if we exclude all probable pairings.

Most R chondrites belong to petrologic type 3 or are heavily brecciated members that show different lithologies from petrologic type 3 to 6. There are only a few R chondrites of higher petrologic types that are not brecciated, e.g. our find Ouzina, an R4 from Morocco. The R chondrites are quite different from ordinary chondrites and they are the opposite of the E chondrites when it comes to mineralogy and their state of oxidation. The members of this group are highly oxidized, containing high amounts of iron-rich olivine.


NWA 753 

brecciated R3

Found in 2000 in Morocco

  TKW :12 Kg


NWA753 -00

large fresh end cut showing the brecciation of NWA 753



NWA753 -01

fresh end cut with some crust



NWA753 -02

fresh small individual



NWA753 -03

cut fragment with fusion crust



NWA753 -04

fresh fragment cut in two



NWA753 -05

Nice slice with crust on one edge




NWA753 -06

Very thin complete slice with crust on the edge, Primitive Type !

4.38 gr


NWA753 -07

Very nice specimen for this complete slice with crust !

3.04 gr




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