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The Eucrites are named for a Greek word meaning "easily distinguished". Representing the most common class of achondrites, more than 100 eucrites are known, excluding all probable pairings. Although they are easily distinguished from chondrites, they closely resemble terrestrial basalts. Actually, eucrites are extraterrestrial basalts, volcanic rocks of magmatic origin, representing the crust of their parent body, Vesta. They are primarily composed of the calcium-poor pyroxene, pigeonite, and the calcium-rich plagioclase, anorthite. Additionally, eucrites often contain accessory minerals such as silica, chromite, troilite, and nickel-iron metal. Based on mineralogical and chemical differences, the eucrites have been further divided into three distinct subgroups: the non-cumulate group, the cumulate group, and the polymict group.


Fell 1821in Ardeche, France

TKW 91 kg

Monomict Eucrite

Juvinas -00

large thick slice from MNHN of Paris


 Price on request

Juvinas -01

thick square slice



Juvinas -02

square slice




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