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L Group

With about 6,500 members (including probable pairings), the chondrites of the L group represent the second largest group of ordinary chondrites. The "L" stands for "low iron" - especially in its free form. L chondrites contain a weight percentage of 20 to 25% total iron, but only 4 to 10% nickel-iron is found as free metal. Therefore, L chondrites are also attracted to a magnet, but much less than their cousins of the H group.

When it comes to the origin of the L chondrites it has been suspected that they might be former parts of the near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros which has been intensely studied by the spacecraft NEAR-Shoemaker recently. The reflectance spectra of 433 Eros and the L chondrites seem to match closely - however, most L chondrites show signs of severe shock metamorphism suggesting a violent history of its parent body. Maybe the real parent of the L chondrites was some kind of relative or a former part of 433 Eros that has been entirely disrupted when it collided with another asteroid.




Found 1998 in Algeria

TKW 39 Kg


Bechar -00

superb crusted fragment, the break occured along a shock vein



Bechar -01

non parallel crusted slice with many shock veins



Bechar -02

crusted fragment with three cuts



Bechar -03

very nice sliced end cut with crust. A fine specimen


Price on request

Bechar -04

end cut with no crust, good for slicing



Bechar -05

end cut with no crust



Bechar -06

slice with crust



Bechar -07

crusted slice, nice shock veins



Bechar -08

very nice end cut with crust and shock veins, good specimen



Bechar -09

end cut with no crust





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