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Stony Meteorites

The stony meteorites represent the most heterogeneous class of meteorites, ranging from primordial matter that remained more or less unchanged for the last 4.5 billion years to highly evolved rocks from other differentiated worlds, such as the Moon or the planet Mars. >> more...

Stony-Iron Meteorites

The class of stony-iron meteorites comprises several chemically and genetically unrelated groups of meteorites that have just one thing in common - they are composed of more or less equal parts of nickel-iron metal and different stony components. >> more...

Iron Meteorites

Prior to the age of professional meteorite hunting most meteorite finds were irons. Due to their nickel-iron compositions and their extraordinary weights, even a layman can tell them from ordinary rocks. In fact, the largest meteorites known all belong to the class of iron meteorites. >> more...


Stony Meteorites:
> Chondrites
   > Carbonaceous Chondrites
   > Ordinary Chondrites
   > Other Chondrites
> Achondrites
   > Primitive Achondrites
   > Meteorites from Vesta
   > Other Evolved Achondrites
   > Lunar Meteorites
   > Martian Meteorites
Stony-Iron Meteorites:
> Pallasites
   > Main Group Pallasites
   > Eagle Station Pallasites
   > Pyroxene Pallasites
   > Ungrouped Pallasites
> Mesosiderites
Iron Meteorites:
> Structural Classification
   > Octahedrites
   > Hexahedrites
   > Ataxites
> Chemical Classification
   > IAB Group
   > IC Group
   > IIAB Group
   > IIC Group
   > IID Group
   > IIE Group
   > IIF Group
   > IIG Group
   > IIIAB Group
   > IIICD Group
   > IIIE Group
   > IIIF Group
   > IVA Group
   > IVB Group
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